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14 People Involved in Brooklyn Inspection Corruption

NY Daily News reported that property owners were found bribing corrupt city inspectors with money and gifts to speed up development projects.

Fourteen people were charged including the two inspectors from the Department of Buildings. The property managers involved bribed inspectors (with earrings, and money to be spent on Mother's Day gifts) to overlook major violations, like inoperable exit signs. In addition to lying about inspections, the employees involved fabricated documents and flew through inspections that ended up revealing big issues, like asbestos. A master plumber even rented out his license for others to use illegally. This is just another story of corruption for the state of New York, as similar instances occurred in 2015 and 2009. Read more on the investigation here.


In this day & age, it's easier for people to cut corners and harder for cities to find dependable, trustworthy inspectors.

At CityForce, we understand that. That's why we put so much emphasis on developing the INSPECT product of our all-in-one software suite.

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As mentioned, you can get all the details necessary to hire dependable city inspectors, you can even see when their licenses are up for renewal. CityForce gives you all the tools you need to cut back on clerical work and put more time into the work that matters. Along with ensuring trustworthy inspectors, being able to schedule and monitor inspections gives you more control as to when inspections are completed and the details within them. CityForce also offers a citizen based portal (for filing complaints and paying fees) and IMPACT, our database application for contractors. Ready to start making your city more efficient?

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