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2017 Best & Worst Run Cities In America

WalletHub has released the 2017 list of Best & Worst Run Cities in America

As city managers, our readers know that managing a city is no small task. Along with ensuring a safe, healthy city, city management is faced with balancing what the locals need with a limited budget. See the top 10 best run cities below:


See the complete list here. WalletHub determined the findings by comparing the operating efficiency of the United States' largest cities. A "Quality of Services" score was used, comparing 33 performance indicators measured against the city's per-capita budget.

Did you find your city on the list? After reviewing the findings and comparative analysis, how does your city measure up? Are you running your city optimally or as efficiently as possible? Whether you see improvement in your permitting process, inspection methods or even how you're managing/collecting fees, CityForce can help.


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CONNECT was designed to be a portal between citizens and contractors. The one-stop shop lets you collect fees, request permits and building inspections. You're also able to track statuses and stay on top of everything with the convenient web app.

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Source: WalletHub

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