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7 Reasons Why Electrontric Permitting Systems Work

Don't get left behind!

Cities and municipalities across the world are updating to electronic permitting systems - why? Simply because they work. They're more efficient, less time consuming, more hands on and easier to manage. Just like building departments, electronic permitting systems come in all sorts of sizes. Here at CityForce, we want to help your city, whether you have 5,000 residents or 150,000. Updating to an electronic permitting system is all about fixing problems and streamlining workflow. Read on for a list of ways that updating from paper processes to CityForce can greatly help your city:

1. Communication

With an online platform, it's never been easier for customers, citizens, inspectors and staff to communicate! Higher quality permit applications, plan submissions, reviews and customer service is available with an upgrade.

2. Quality Inspections

With all of CityForce's capabilities, inspections have never been more clear. A handful of tools (for reporting, scheduling and managing) make inspections easier to track and execute.

3. Improved Record Keeping

This isn't your grandma's old filing cabinet. CityForce has reliable archiving that will keep all of your information stored safely, in one place, that you can access 24/7.

4. Defined Workflow

CityForce's user-friendly interface makes it much easier to track and review plans as well as approve permits. Ditch the sticky notes - all your tasks are available in the palm of your hand.

5. Improved Financial Tracking

Permitting, plan review, inspection fees - you name it, CityForce is able to track it for you. No need to track down a handful of different people just to acquire 1 payment. CityForce has it set and tracked for your convenience.

6. Time Management

One of the most obvious benefits from CityForce is the reduced clerical work. Staff can use less time fumbling through paper materials, filing and duplicating information because CityForce keeps all the information in an organized, easy to manage process.

7. Enhanced Reporting

All the information that goes into CityForce is easily transferred to a custom, downloadable PDF report! You can email and share seamlessly.

Troy R. Bennett

Troy R. Bennett

Get with the times.

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