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8 Benefits of Implementing CityForce

It's a digital world.

But you didn't need us to tell you that.

These days, we silence our alarm clocks by swiping our iPhone screens. We order our coffees before leaving house for our daily commutes, pull up to the window and hand the barista our phones so that they can scan a barcode that digitally accesses our bank accounts. Ordering the old fashion way (via drive-through window) and handing the barista a few dollars may not seem all that different, but the ease and speed of using an app is what makes the process so popular and successful.

Society is always seeking the next best thing; anything that makes life more customized and more convenient. When it comes to work, we can be more hesitant about adapting new processes or learning new software. With CityForce, the complete solution for City and Municipality building department management (and our team of mobile inspection experts) your department can save time and money. Read on to learn how we can make your job easier:

8 Benefits of Implementing CityForce

1) Organization

With CityForce, everything you need is all in one place. With any tablet or smart phone, you can obtain permits, inspections, licenses, reports and all the materials you need. No file cabinet shuffling necessary.

2) Accessibility

Along with organization, accessibility is key. CityForce eliminates the limitations set on viewing/updating or sharing the information you need. All of your materials are ready to view 24/7 without the need to pull charts or code enforcements from desk drawers.

3) Capability

Paperwork falls short in a lot of ways, but it certainly can't compete with CityForce's capability. Easily upload and sync photos during inspections, plan and manage schedules, record notes and review prior inspections through our software.

4) Storage

It's time to ditch that beat up 6 subject spiral notebook.

CityForce is a cloud-based system that allows you to effortlessly upload and sync any materials that you're working with. With our app, all data is stored securely, so that gut-wrenching feeling of misplacing a permit is a thing of the past.

5) Integration & Sharing

We offer custom integration into existing systems and a simple process for sharing permit applications, contractor registrations, notice letters and complaints with ease.

6) Accountability & Custom Reporting

How many important documents and tedious paperwork do you deal with daily? We're guessing a handful - that's a lot of time and responsibility. CityForce takes the risk of mismanaging, misplacing or destroying documents out of the equation. We also generate custom PDF reports automatically!

7) Legibility

Inspectors working from the field are focused on recording data in a quick and clear manner; penmanship often takes a backseat to ensuring safety, so the end result isn't always legible. With our custom templates and report writer, you can wave goodbye to undecipherable documents.

8) Modifiability

With paper templates, editing or elaborating on certain aspects isn't guaranteed. With every inspection, permit or report, CityForce gives you the power to record all the information necessary.

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