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A Major IMPACT: How This Database Can Help You

CityForce offers a variety of products with different features, but if you're a permit technician looking for an easier way to manage and track permits, IMPACT is the perfect system for you.

Photo via wiseGEEK

Photo via wiseGEEK

CityForce IMPACT is our database application & information manager for parcels, contractors and transactions

With our Building Permit Inspection and Tracking software you can:

  • Reduce time spent in the office, minimize errors and maximize revenue
  • Self-managed classification types
  • Assign & schedule inspections
  • View all property & permit history by parcel/address
  • View contractor information by permit/entity
  • Easily search for any information you need, like approvals
  • Review automated notice letters & escalations
  • Custom reporting & dashboards


With IMPACT, users are able to view and manage all details regarding permits. Search for contractors and choose which contractor you'd like to select. There are even tabs that allow you to view contractor types, contacts, registrations and permits. City, date, type, status, inspector and approval notes are all ready to input information so that you have all the details necessary to handle permits. IMPACT is essential for residential and commercial building inspectors!

Watch our IMPACT tutorial here:


We know CityForce's IMPACT tool is the best system for your office to upgrade to - what are you waiting for? Sign up for a live CityForce demo today or get a price quote and start managing your city more efficiently!

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