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Connect Instructions

Connect Instructions

1. Creating an account
• Navigate to
• Click on “Get Started”
• Enter you email address, first and last name and click Sign up. You will receive an email
• Click the link in your email
• Create a password enter in new password and verify password fields and click reset password
• This will log you into Connect
• Select if you are a home owner or contractor and click save

2. Attach an address - You are now in your connect dashboard (the connect education section will describe all workflows of CONNECT)
• Attach an address to your account by clicking on the ”addresses” tab in the left hand menu.
• In the top right of the screen click the “add address” button.
• In the search bar type the address you would like to attach and click on it.
• Give it a Nickname and click save

3. Viewing information - You are now associated to an address and can view associated permits
and inspection results as well as request new inspections by navigating to the permits or inspection tab.
• Permits tab
• Inspections tab

4. Requesting an inspection • On the inspection tab click “request a permit inspection button in the top right corner
• Now search the address you would like to request an inspection at, select the associated permit then select the type of inspection being requested and click save.
• You will be notified by email when the inspection is scheduled as well as when the inspection is completed, results can be accessed on the inspection tab by clicking the “details” button on any completed inspection and clicking download.