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CityForce: Customized for YOUR City

The problem with most software suites and applications?

The limitations regarding customization. When you seek out a new software system for your city, you want an all-in-one platform to do the things that YOU do on a daily basis! The least enjoyable part of implementing new management systems is trying to wrap your head around all the new tools and processes. If you're not going to use it, you don't need it - that's why CityForce is the perfect program for your city! Here's how we build your CityForce around you:



CityForce INSPECT is our mobile Inspection application, designed to streamline your program and permit inspector's workflow. INSPECT puts your inspectors in the field - you schedule and manage the inspections right from your smart phone, tablet or laptop. These are the inspectors you've worked with and trust.


CityForce IMPACT is our database application & Information Manager for Parcels, Contractors, and Transactions. With our Building Permit Inspection and Tracking software you can reduce time spent on paperwork and errors. The system stores property and permit history by parcel and address information so that you can easily review it. Self-managed classification types allow you to input information as you see fit.


CityForce CONNECT is our citizen portal, designed for enhanced customer interaction. Reduce the time spent on clerical activities and allow 24/7 access to your department. Working from home or traveling? You can essentially take your office with you simply by bringing your iPad or mobile device along! Your customers can fill out:

  • Contractor registrations
  • Online payments
  • Notice letters
  • Permit applications
  • They can even upload documents or plans!

some of our fan favorite features:

"We love the picture taking [feature!] We can take as many as we like and they are instantly in our report. It's actually kind of fun!" -J. Greene, Building Inspector

"The search ahead function and the cost!" -S. Jones.Inspector, TN Convention

"CityForce allows us to issue different types of contractor registrations and everything is working really well." -Anne W., Permit Technician

We're ready to work with your city to help you manage your daily tasks and errands more efficiently and effectively. Ready to get a custom price quote? Click here!


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