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Why Our Customers Benefit


Our Citizen Portal, which is free to cities who use CityForce, frees up at least 30-60 minutes per day, according to office staff who don’t have to do the paperwork involved in collecting permit fees, registration fees, permit applications, etc. Anything regarding a fee can now be done online!


The CityForce Mobile App, which is a disconnected app (works without 4G or wifi) syncs from the field back to the office, automatically compiling the inspection reports. This saves up to an hour a day in travel time as well as an additional 30 minutes per inspection by eliminating double entry.


The Inspection Module, cloud-based with standard and customized reports that automatically populate correctly and can be emailed directly to all who need them, saves at least an hour a day. This is according to the admins who tell us they generally work with this. Inspectors cut way down on their paperwork as well, since most reports generate automatically.

How would an extra 8-10 hours a week help you?