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    CityForce Customer Testimonial 
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    CityForce Customer Testimonial 
We are very happy with all aspects of the software. Our inspectors use IPad in the field and print directly to our printers. They love the fact that they can see permits, contractor registration, and housing violations while not in the office. It saves a lot of phone calls to me and I can also answer many questions with all the information is right in front of me.  Nothing met our needs like CityForce! Support has been good.
— Kari L, Building Permit Tech
The program is user friendly, has a terrific historical database using the permanent parcel number of the properties as a starting point for each permit/complaint entered, and the support team is AWESOME!  The ability to use iPads in the field for inspections and photos is great, the fact that you are able to sync and the office can see the status helped to eliminate he said/she said with calls to the office staff.
Good luck in your search…my vote for is definitely for CityForce!
— Kurt S, Zoning Official
You guys are awesome, thank you so much. I can't tell you how great it is to have all your help with the system. It makes my job easier.
— Sheila M., Permit Tech
I know another municipality that has been working with a software provider to implement their software for 2 years, and they're still not using the system. Not only were you a fraction of the price, but you guys were here for 2 days, and we're ready to go. You need to be telling everyone about this!
— Rob E., Building Official
This app is so easy to use, I was stressed out over nothing I thought this was going to be so hard to learn but it so easy, this is great
— Inspector, Moreland Hills
I so appreciate the ability to speak with a tech person who has the patience to listen to me.
— Barb C., Permit Tech