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Embracing Technology: Social Media + CityForce

Technology can be used a bridge that connects you and your community.

Through mobile applications, we can reach our citizens in a quick, ultra-timely manner that blasts out a message to a huge following. Important voting instructions, emergency information, tips for staying safe in natural disasters - you name it, social media is the solution to sharing it. In this day and age, every city manager should have some sort of social media platform to communicate with their fellow employees and citizens. Facebook, Twitter, even Instagram are great tools that allow for user-friendly, easy communication.

ICMA shared a wonderful success story involving the power of social media. Back in 2o16, the city of Austin, Texas experienced a life threatening flash flood. The city is the 11th largest in the United States, home to 1.25 million living in the metro area. The city held its breath as the flash flood occurred quickly and management decided they needed to reach as many residents as possible via social media.

Using a website and a social media hashtag, #ATXFloods Austin was able to reach a large portion of the population. Updates and safety instructions were shared and even able to be translated via Google Translate to reach even more people.

All standardized messaging is stored in an easily accessed, redundant hard-copy and cloud-based folder available to any responding public information officer.


The power of social media lies in the fact that it is so easily posted for millions of users to see and the information is clear, concise and timely. 2017 is about realizing that you can work smarter, not harder, to better serve your community. CityForce, the innovative all-in-one software suite, has the same goal in mind - reach more residents, easily complete tasks quicker and more thoroughly.

We offer 3 programs in which you can optimize your city:


CityForce INSPECT is our mobile Inspection application designed to streamline your program and permit inspector's workflow

  • Put your inspectors in the field, not the office by utilizing any mobile device (Smart Phone, Tablet, iPad, Laptop, etc.)
  • Reduce cycle time, reduce errors, increase revenue
  • Inspection schedules and reminders, mobile picture uploads


CityForce IMPACT is our database application & Information Manager for Parcels, contractors, and transactions with our building permit inspection and tracking software you can:

  • Reduce cycle time, reduce errors, increase revenue
  • Tabbed view of all property and permit history by parcel and address and contractor information by permit and entity
  • QuikSearch for fast, easy searches and streamlined workflows and approvals


CityForce CONNECT is our citizen portal, designed for enhanced customer interaction.
Customers can fill out:

  • Contractor registrations
  • Permit applications & complaint filings
  • Document/plan upload
  • Notice letters from database
  • Permit status and agendas
  • Online payments

Optimize your city and get connected with CityForce -

contact us for a quick demo and custom price quote!

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