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ICMA Smart Communities Resources for City Management

The International City/County Management Association (ICMA,) the leading source for city and county managers, reports that citizens value cities that implement smart communities

Smart communities are cities and municipalities that welcome the ever-growing advancement of technologies and practice new systems that make life easier for their residents. "Public administrators need to become familiar with the trends in smart technologies and consider the possibilities, challenges, and impacts of smart technology solutions in their communities," ICMA stated.



ICMA said that the data is available since governments have kept and maintained community-related research, but they are still learning how to utilize the data and technology. City managers are studying the findings to determine how going digital can be used to achieve a completely optimized city and greater innovation.

CityForce's features were created with smart communities in mind. From one centralized location, you're able to:


Manage permits, inspections and payments from one location

Access History

All data is stored securely in the cloud, ensuring easy access


Customizable packages ensure you get exactly what you need


Plan and manage site and building inspections


Generate custom PDF reports automatically

Capture Photos

Upload photos during inspections and sync wirelessly


Custom integration into existing systems

Use With All Devices

Works with iPhone, iPad, Android, and the web

Are you interested in getting a customized price quote or talking with a member of our support team? Contact us! We'll give you a 20 minute demo and discuss how CityForce will help your city specifically. We include everything you need, nothing you don't. Make your city a smart community - optimize your daily tasks with CityForce!

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