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In The News: Gates Building SMART City of His Own

New York City. Boston. Seattle. Denver. San Diego.

These are a few of the top-ranked U.S. Smart Cities by Smart Cities Council. Phoenix, AZ was not previously listed, but NBC reported that Bill Gates is funding a futuristic metropolis set to sustain the city. The city, deemed "Belmont," is approximately 24,000 acres of land 45 minutes from downtown. Gates has invested $80 million to the plans in an attempt to innovate and advance technology.

Belmont is proposed to look and operate as a normal city, set to include a freeway that would go straight to Las Vegas. The idea behind the freeway is to use traffic creatively, making the area a hub for growth. Commercial offices and retail spaces, public schools and private residences will be included in the SMART city.  Belmont Properties, a local real estate group, says the SMART city is the perfect location complete with raw space freedom to mold into something totally unique. The article stated,

This is not the first “smart city” to be proposed: the “groundwork” is being laid in Denver, as well as across the globe in China, to develop existing cities into “smart cities” through technology and innovation initiatives. Perhaps one day in the not-too-far-off future, the terms will be the same — as all our cities will be “smart cities.”


It's obvious as to why Bill Gates sees the innovation and success behind SMART Cities - and we're all for it!


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