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Longview’s Building Code Issue Resolved and Simplified

Longview, Texas is experiencing a building code issue

A local salesman and member of the city's Planning and Zoning commission summarized the issue by stating that people don't want to build in the city anymore because of the drawn out process. According to Longview News-Journal, the city's commissioners met with City Council members regarding the Unified Development Code. Those involved believe this should help clear up any confusion about the city's building regulations. Both parties are working to consolidate Longview's development regulations into a cohesive, single resource as opposed to the current separate ordinances. When the code is completed, residents will be able to access zoning, design and other standards easily.

The new code should be finished by 2018. The last meeting, in October, revealed that both developers and residents could identify at least 62 issues within the city's codes and 21 issues in the Longview zoning ordinances. To begin the process of change, consultants began reorganizing the outline of codes and proposing combining standards codes like safety, building and prevention. The meeting also discussed structures, fire prevention, plumbing and gas as well as electrical codes. Ordinances, subdivisions, definitions and zoning ordinances were redefined.


To summarize, one united code will reduce confusion as multiple, overlapping codes will not override one another to claim jurisdiction. A single building code will help residents and developers alike retain more accurate plans and costs for new buildings. CityForce can assist even further, acting a commonplace for developers and residents to submit building permits and review codes. Our IMPACT web app manages all of your inspection data from the cloud. IMPACT manages zoning, permitting, building inspections, and code enforcement, etc. CityForce IMPACT is our database application & information manager for parcels, contractors, and transactions with our building permit inspection and tracking software you can:

  • Reduce Cycle Time, Reduce Errors, Increase Revenue
  • Tabbed View of All property and permit history by parcel and address and contractor information by permit and entity
  • QuikSearch for fast, easy searches and Streamlined Workflows and Approvals
  • Automated Review Routing as well as Automated Notice Letters and Escalations
  • Inspection Scheduling and Assignment
  • Self-Managed Classification Types
  • Custom Reporting and Dashboards
  • Perfect For Residential and Commercial Building Inspections

Our customers can benefit because IMPACT includes standard and customized reports that automatically populate correctly and can be emailed directly to all who need them, saves at least an hour a day. This is according to the admins who tell us they generally work with this. Inspectors cut way down on their paperwork as well, since most reports generate automatically.

Here's a tutorial of navigating around IMPACT:

You can start using IMPACT, INSPECT and CONNECT by contacting us! Get CityForce, optimize your city today!

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