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Myth Busting: Why Going Digital IS Worth It

If you haven't discussed implementing an upgraded e-permitting system, what are you waiting for?

Is it the cost or time to implement the system? Maybe your team isn't sure if it will be as effective as your current process. Read on for our round-up of e-permitting system myths and why you should consider using CityForce:

1. "It's too expensive!"

Wrong! When you factor in the time and money you'll save on the clerical work and costs that go into your current tasks, you'll quickly realize that CityForce is a huge ROI. Also, did you know that enacting CityForce will cost you less than 1% of your annual budget? It's true! The payoff is immediate and you can get a customized price quote here.

2.  "It will take a long time to get our employees used to it."

Sure - this could be something that your team is concerned with, but CityForce is incredibly user-friendly. After setting up a live-demo, you'll get a real idea of how easy it is to get the hang of our program. Check out our testimonials for real customers' experiences!

3. "It will take too long to do stuff we can quickly do ourselves."

CityForce is proven to reduce clerical time by 30% - that's a lot of time wasted on paper work or filing materials away that you can put back into important tasks! You're saving time, money and space that is currently clogged with outdated processes.

4. "We don't want to go through the hassle of set-up!"

When you implement CityForce, you're also building connections with our awesome support team who is always available to help you with any questions, comments or concerns. Anytime you need assistance, your solution is just one phone call away. We'll set it up for you in a timely manner after discussing exactly what features you want!

5. "We're not sure how or even if this would benefit our inspectors?"

That's easy! With our INSPECT program, you're able to schedule, manage, select and pay your inspectors all from one portal. You're streamlining each process to one location so that your tasks are organized and always completed on time. Your inspectors will be able to complete through, efficient and quick inspections with our software - saving them time and allowing for even more jobs.

Have questions? Ready to set up a live demo? Contact us today to optimize your city with CityForce!

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