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CityForce typically costs less than 1% of your annual budget

And the payoff is immediate

Some cities subscribe to CityForce for less than $5 per day!

Want to get a quote for your municipality? We offer functionality in an "add-on" fashion, allowing you to choose the functionality your city needs, at the lowest possible point. With CityForce you have the option between Software as a Service (Saas) and Conventional Software (On-Premise). Either solution will save your department Time and Money.

Why CityForce?


We say you should pick CityForce not because we just work, but because we work the best and we stand behind that promise.

Our automated requests reduce support time (clerical workload) by up to 30% and our automated inspections decrease office time (increasing field time) by up to 15%. CityForce also reduces rework, by eliminating errors, by up to 50%. CityForce even saves time by having all information in one place and making searches for that information easy to do. Typically CityForce software will be less than 1% of your annual budget!


Average reduction in support time (clerical workload)


Average increase in inspector field time


Reduction in reworks due to errors

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