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What is the best way to handle a complaint?

Case Study #1: I made a complaint about my neighbors overgrown grass and broken down car parked in front of the house. What is the management of that complaint? By that I mean, who gets it, how do they get it, what do they do with it and how and when is it resolved? As a concerned and conscientious citizen, I would like to know the life cycle of my complaint.
Case Study#2: As an inspector, I see an electrical code violation and need to report it. How am I certain it will be resolved and how will I make sure to follow up on the results with an end date for that compliance?

How do you streamline a complaint management process?

Simply put, there are two things to consider in any situation like these case studies. First is complaint tracking and second is customer handling. The following three steps are crucial for the Complaint Management Tracking:

Complaint Management Tracking

1. Designate a location to make the complaint - make it easy to do
2. Design a consistent system for record keeping
3. Log the complaints have a simple process (generally an electronic system is best, with a specific email address)

The next four steps address what must be done for Complaint Management customer handling:

4. Acknowledge the complaint was received
5. Investigate and analyze the complaint
6. Resolve it
7. Give updates and follow-up to the complaint

Why must complaints be handled properly?

Some industries require compliance with regulations, avoidance of liability and lawsuits is important to every business, better record keeping allows good tracking, managing investigations, processing actions both positive and negative feedback will improve the quality of service you offer

What is the benefit of completing the Complaint Management Life Cycle?

  • Customer retention and satisfaction increases
  • Streamlines and reduces response time, thereby reducing cost
  • Improves the quality of service that you offer
  • ability to trend, real-time, the types of complaints you receive,
  • a quick response will increase customer satisfaction and brand reputation
  • Transparency and clear communication is improved
  • Your team has a consistent way to resolve problems
  • A systematic approach increases security
  • Continuous feedback allows for constant improvement
  • Team morale and organization's reputation improve
  • By acting on feedback, you create a strong bond between organization and customers
  • A good Complaint Management System generates Loyalty, Goodwill, Transparency and Trust
  • Clarifies and enhances accountability

Improve your Complaint Management Process

Use the ideas behind kaizen "the art of continual improvement" to make sure that you're always looking to improve the ways that you do things. For example, some organizations are adapting their processes for multi-site, multi-lingual and regional reporting, and they are verifying that their designated teams are empowered to fix the problems they discover. Some organizations also offer incentives for feedback. The Complaint Management Process with CityForce is seamless, smooth, and well-defined. Look into it.