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Native Mobile Apps

Native Mobile Apps are designed specifically for smartphones and tablets, (think Apple devices like the iPad and iPhone and Android devices like the Google Nexus and Galaxy S4) They can be used well with cameras, geolocaters, accelerometers. You download them onto your mobile device and they run as a stand-alone. Native Apps can be built to run without an internet connection, as they can store data locally if you can't connect. Native Apps are considered higher caliber app, faster, more efficient, and more expensive to build than a web app. They are assured of quality through approval by the App Store.

Web Apps

Web Apps can be mobile as well. Some companies will pair them with Native Apps, and in fact, sometimes they even appear [visually] about the same as the Native App. Web Apps are internet-based apps (think Internet Explorer/ Firefox/Chrome/Safari). You access information through a web browser and don't need to download to a device, as the data is maintained on the cloud. Different browsers can be used. Web apps are easier to build and less expensive than Native Apps. However, Web apps are not published to a store as mobile apps are; they are published directly to the web-so there is no third party quality check.

How this applies to you

An example of the difference between these two Apps can be seen with the camera functionality. Using a Native Mobile App allows photos to be taken on the hand-held and synced automatically to the office computer, without returning (physically) to the office. The Web App requires returning to the office and downloading all the field information by hand. Make sure your mobile app is truly a native app and not just a web app accessible on your mobile device! A simple question to ask yourself is this: "Can I get the app from Apple's App Store or Google's Play Store?" If not, you do not have a native mobile app

Make sure you understand which type of app is offered by your provider to ensure you are getting the best technology for your municipality!

Which is CityForce - a Native Mobile App or a Web App?

CityForce is a combination of both types. Our IMPACT system is a Web app, while our INSPECT system is a Native Mobile App. This allows for the greatest degree of functionality and flexibility. Through the INSPECT app, you are able to capture the benefits of taking pictures and logging inspections that automatically synchronize to IMPACT. CityForce INSPECT (our Native app) is designed with cutting edge technology using a single, flexible programming language that allows our app to be supported on both Android and iOS devices. The CityForce INSPECT mobile app (Native) was developed specifically to work with all major hand-held device platforms, to exactly meet the requirements of a thorough Mobile Inspection Process.

You can download CityForceINSPECT at the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. It's FREE! Call us for your personalized passcode and take it for a "test drive."
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