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Smart Cities Utilizing New Technology

If you've been following along with our latest posts,

Then you're aware of the emphasis we're putting on #SmartCities. CityForce loves Smart Cities because they're made up of tech-loving, innovative city managers who seek adaptation and progression with the help of new software systems. ICMA, the International City/County Management Association, feels the same. In a recent blog post, they stated:

Smartphones, pads and other mobile devices enable data to be collected in near real time and shared with staff back in the office. Digital systems enable faster and more efficient use of data for analysis as well as a high degree of confidence in the quality of the data given the ability to collect data on a timely basis.

Not only are mobile devices allowing us to work faster, but the convenience of working on the go has benefitted processes like citizens filing building permits, requesting access to zoning laws and even paying online. Check out this video showcasing how San Sebastian, Spain utilizes Ikusi technology.

Ikusi helps Spain gather important data to work smarter.

That's what CityForce does for cities and municipalities across the United States. Using our all-in-one software suite can reduce clerical work up to 30% - putting your valuable time back into the field. Inspectors replace the time spent on paperwork with new inspections, averaging a 15% time increase. To make things even better, all that time wasted on reworks due to errors - it's reduced by 50% because CityForce eliminates those errors for you! Our three products include:

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Our Citizen Portal (free to cities who use CityForce) frees up at least 30-60 minutes per day, according to office staff who don’t have to do the paperwork involved in collecting permit fees, registration fees, permit applications, etc. Anything regarding a fee can now be done online!


The CityForce Mobile app syncs from the field back to the office, saving potentially an hour a day in travel time. Some county inspectors claim they save 2 hours or more; city inspectors maybe only save 1 hour.


The Inspection module, cloud-based with standard and customized reports that automatically populate correctly and can be emailed directly to all who need them, saves at least an hour a day. This is according to the admins who tell us they generally work with this. Inspectors cut way down on their paperwork as well, since most reports generate automatically.

Would 8-10 hours per week help you get more done and waste less time?

Whether you're a city of 500 or 50,000, we're here to help you optimize your city and be the best city manager you can be. You may be on your way to establishing a Smart City, currently working for one, or simply respect the efficiency - the first step to becoming one is embracing technology and adapting to the digital world. We'll help you take that step! Contact us today for a live demo and price quote.

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