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The Efficient City Manager’s 2017 Bucket List

2018 is just 3 months away

Did that scare you? Just trying to get our readers in the Halloween spirit! The year is flying by, and for many city managers, that means the clock is ticking on conferences, projects and deadlines. It's a busy time of the year (when is it not?) but there's always time to take a step back and assess your personal growth within this career field. Have you ever considered creating a career-centric bucket list? There's still time to become the best city manager you can be, and it doesn't have to wait 'til next year! Check out some of our ideas and then jot down your own goals for the end of 2017:

1. Attend ICMA Annual Conference

You can attend the ICMA Annual Conference for various educational seminars and networking opportunities! This is an awesome venue for meeting with the top professionals in city management and taking in new ideas! You can register here. Can't make it to San Antonio, TX on October 22-25? Let the conference come to you! Virtual seminar available here.

2. Research & Consider Urban Innovation


Do you dream of making your town a smart city? Have any upcoming proposals for urban innovations (like implementing bike sharing, smart lights or co-heating units?) Begin looking into the latest innovative ideas that residents are seeking out for the best quality of life - start by checking out our last blog post here!

3. Watch "Our Mockingbird"

This video is an incredible documentary of two high schools in Birmingham, Alabama and their very different portrayals of Harper Lee's "To Kill a Mockingbird." This video will be shown at the ICMA conference, but if you're attending from afar or simply can't wait - check it out here.

4. Revise Social Media Policies

Social MediaHow does your city use social media? With ever-changing technology and access to information, it is absolutely crucial that your office has an online presence. It's vital for spreading messages during natural disasters, alerting residents of upcoming events, and simply a great way to share community highlights. Look into using different platforms, like Instagram, Youtube and Twitter.

5. Implement CityForce

If you're not already using the all-in-one software suite, then what are you waiting for? You could be saving a ton of time and money on the monotonous tasks of daily clerical work. CityForce has 3 different platforms that allow you to schedule inspections, monitor processes like complaints and zoning applications and even an easy-pay portal for your residents. This system is incredibly user-friendly and generally costs less than 1% of your annual budget - so you're saving time, money and a lot of frustration. Check it out here.

6. Giving Back

Your office probably already invests a lot of time in donating and working with local charities, but it's easy to continue working with the same organizations over and over (and that's not a bad thing!) New foundations could use your assistance with donations or drives that could help get their name out there - whether it's a new animal shelter or fund, a local farmer who needs help with their land or even signing up for a 5K - get involved in different ways, bond with your coworkers and help your city all at the same time!

Your goal is the same as ours here at CityForce: optimize your city.

Consider your top goals and go after them before the new year starts! Contact us today for a free customized price quote from our support staff.

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