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Since 2010, Wentworth Solutions has been creating mobile applications for many different industries which now rely on our software. These include dozens of companies from the following industry-types:

Boards of Directors
Real Estate


What makes us unique is that Wentworth has the ability to take any project and turn it into a mobile application process. This is what we did to create CITY FORCE MOBILE INSPECTION PROCESS.


We utilize only cutting edge technologies in our mobile applications (2014+) such as Google Angular, Adobe Flex, JSON, JQuery, Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft .Net.

Our mobile Apps run on the same code base whether it is for Android, Apple or Microsoft products. (these platforms comprise 99% of the mobile market), and all of our mobile apps are integrated with the Cloud.


Think of our mobile apps like a paper airplane. If you reduce the drag created, the newly streamlined plane is able to travel faster. By reducing the drag which is normally experienced with daily tasks, we speed up your workflow as a result, thus enabling your company to save countless hours of time normally spent on your daily tasks. So, if our mobile apps save you time, and "Time is Money" then we definitely save you money!

Most Popular

You see, mobile devices (both tablets and phones) allow tremendous efficiency gains, particularly in taking pictures. Wentworth Solutions has developed a highly effective and extremely popular mobile app (now available at the App Store) which allows for easy image capture, saving images in live time or during a sync, to a website for later viewing. This functionality removes the hurdle of having to use a digital camera and upload the files later, saving thousands of man-hours a year.

CityForce's mobile app is Simple. Slick. Optimized. Click here to see it