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Monthly Archives: August 2017

Myth Busting: Why Going Digital IS Worth It

If you haven't discussed implementing an upgraded e-permitting system, what are you waiting for? Is it the cost or time to implement the system? Maybe your team isn't sure if it will be as effective as your current process. Read on for our round-up of e-permitting system myths and why you should consider using CityForce:…
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Going Digital With the RIGHT Company

Cities have been implementing digital systems for a few years now And if you keep up with our blog, you know that 2017 is a major year for many cities and municipalities going digital. Choosing to embrace technology and make processes easier for city employees and citizens alike is a step in the right direction,…
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CityForce: THE Digital Permitting System of 2017

As technology advances every day, cities are taking advantage of the opportunities associated with switching from paper processes to digital systems. We've reported frequently on how many cities are pushing for going digital, but just because a city decides to embrace the rapid pace of our digital world doesn't mean it's smooth sailing. In Hawaii…
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Cities Continue to Switch From Paper Processes to Digital Systems

Cities across the nation continue the rapid incline of switching from paper processes to online permitting systems. Two weeks ago we blogged about Vancouver, WA switching over - and it's easy to see why cities across the U.S. are ditching out-of-date paper processes for software like CityForce. In May, Westerly, Connecticut went digital for reasons…
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Pick + Choose: Building Your New Software & 6 Favorite Features

Every city is different. Running Miami, Ohio and¬†Miami, Florida are two divergent processes. Just like the citizens of your city, we're understanding of the fact that 1 software system doesn't fit all. We work with you to build the best version of CityForce to give you the best version of your city. After discussing your…
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This City Went Digital (And Yours Should Too)

Vancouver, Washington adopted an electronic permitting system as many other cities do. But this time, instead of waiting for businesses to jump onboard the digital system, Vancouver decided to force the issue. Vancouver Business Journal reported that the new system was optional for businesses to use for the last year and a half, but after…
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