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Case Study – Lake Erie

This true story takes place near the shores of Lake Erie. Once a year, for two weeks, city inspectors walk around the entire town to do a visual inspection of every address. They take notes as they walk, then return to the office to type up all the issues.

Cost of this project:

Assuming that two inspectors make an average salary and spend 2 weeks at this project, the city has just invested $4,160 for the walk-by inspections. In addition, another 2 weeks are necessary to write up the issues and send out the notices, potentially making the process cost the city $8,320.
Utilizing CityForce software they are able to reduce the inspection time by 10% and reduce the reporting time by 50%, a net savings to the city (on just this one project) of $2,496.
The fees that were quoted for the CityForce Software System (IMPACT, INSPECT CONNECT) to be implemented in this municipality were approximately $205 per month(or $2460 per year). In other words, they had 100% ROI just from this one project!

Assuming the city continues to use the CityForce system for the rest of the year, saving 1,000 additional work- hours (our customers report at least this much), the total savings for the year approaches $30,000.

Return on Investment in this case is $11 for every $1 spent.

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