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Case Study – Lake Erie

This true story takes place near the shores of Lake Erie. Once a year, for two weeks, city inspectors walk around the entire town to do a visual inspection of every address. They take notes as they walk, then return to the office to type up all the issues. Cost of this project: Assuming that…
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Pittsboro, IN

I love this so much. We are just a small town with only a couple of dozen permits per year, but CityForce is perfect. I paid for it myself, so we could get it started right away. Our city is now reviewing it so they can get it into the budget (that is sometimes a…
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Lyndhurst, OH

In the beginning we had Microsoft Access based information. Nothing was connected, no ownership or parcels were related, no building and zoning info. On a 1-10 scale we were about a 3. Now all the building and zoning info is at our fingertips and saves so much time. We just realized how we can schedule…
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