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Monthly Archives: July 2017

2017 Best & Worst Run Cities In America

WalletHub has released the 2017 list of Best & Worst Run Cities in America As city managers, our readers know that managing a city is no small task. Along with ensuring a safe, healthy city, city management is faced with balancing what the locals need with a limited budget. See the top 10 best run…
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Avoiding Hot Water: IMPACT Ensures Certified Building Inspectors

"Hardworking and super helpful." Those are two traits that many bosses seek out when hiring building inspectors. That's what a supervisor of Salem, Massachusetts said in regards to their inspector, Mike Lutrzykowski. The problem is - "hardworking" and "super helpful" don't mean anything if the building inspector isn't even certified. Lutrzykowski hasn't been certified since 2013, but…
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5 Highlights of Collecting Fees Online

As you're sitting here, reading this post on the benefits of collecting fees online through CONNECT, you could easily be multitasking; maybe tweeting about how awesome #CityForceApp is or opening a new tab and paying your car payment or phone bill - all while working and reading about the best city management software! That right…
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7 Reasons Why Electrontric Permitting Systems Work

Don't get left behind! Cities and municipalities across the world are updating to electronic permitting systems - why? Simply because they work. They're more efficient, less time consuming, more hands on and easier to manage. Just like building departments, electronic permitting systems come in all sorts of sizes. Here at CityForce, we want to help…
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A Major IMPACT: How This Database Can Help You

CityForce offers a variety of products with different features, but if you're a permit technician looking for an easier way to manage and track permits, IMPACT is the perfect system for you. [caption id="attachment_510" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Photo via wiseGEEK[/caption] CityForce IMPACT is our database application & information manager for parcels, contractors and transactions With our…
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CityForce: Customized for YOUR City

The problem with most software suites and applications? The limitations regarding customization. When you seek out a new software system for your city, you want an all-in-one platform to do the things that YOU do on a daily basis! The least enjoyable part of implementing new management systems is trying to wrap your head around all…
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