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8 Quick Holiday Safety Tips for City Management & Residents

The holidays are here! And whether you're currently finishing up a few projects from the office or already baking cookies with the kids, it's important to stay safe during all the festivities. Check out these top tips to share with your coworkers, family, friends & fellow city residents! A Designated Driver This season is all…
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Charlotte Program Helping Cities Find Solutions

At Envision Charlotte of Charlotte, North Carolina, energy efficiency is everything! The organization has helped the city reduce costs, become more ecologically friendly and has helped put Charlotte on the globally recognized SMART City map. As a public-private-plus initiative that bundles innovation and technology for the greater good of the community, Envision Charlotte works to…
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Iowa City Stays Current with New Software

The city of Camanche, Iowa is implementing a new software system to be used by their residents, members of the community and city workers. The software will allow Camanche citizens to apply or review permits easier. Along with applying for permits, the system will include extensive information regarding property information and property tax information. The…
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Longview’s Building Code Issue Resolved and Simplified

Longview, Texas is experiencing a building code issue A local salesman and member of the city's Planning and Zoning commission summarized the issue by stating that people don't want to build in the city anymore because of the drawn out process. According to Longview News-Journal, the city's commissioners met with City Council members regarding the…
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Technology Helps Citizens Understand City Management

What would you do if you were the Mayor of your city? That's the question being asked in São Paulo, Brazil! Brazilians are able to consider this question thanks to the new video game Cidade em Jogo (Cities in play) that allows residents to consider how they would handle the role. Conservation, education, mobility -…
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The Key to Connection: Broadband

How familiar are you with broadband? Well - if you're reading this on your daily commute, from the convenience of your smartphone, then probably very familiar! But it's not something we think about often. Broadband killed dial-up. It's faster, with much higher capability, and it's key to a successful SMART city. Every city across the…
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Minneapolis Ups Efficiency in 6 Buildings

Cities across the United States are taking the #EnergyEfficient initiative to reduce costs and make their homes healthier While giant cities (San Francisco, NYC, Phoenix) are often among these prestigious places, Minneapolis was just recognized for reducing green house gases and energy costs. The city hosted an energy challenge that included 15 individual buildings across the area.…
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The Portland Permit Problem

City officials in Portland are dealing with an interesting issue Residents in the area will have to enter a "lottery" if they wish to be married in a Portland park. Couples had to submit their information to the lottery in the beginning of November to be granted a permit for 2018 weddings in any of…
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In The News: Gates Building SMART City of His Own

New York City. Boston. Seattle. Denver. San Diego. These are a few of the top-ranked U.S. Smart Cities by Smart Cities Council. Phoenix, AZ was not previously listed, but NBC reported that Bill Gates is funding a futuristic metropolis set to sustain the city. The city, deemed "Belmont," is approximately 24,000 acres of land 45…
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7 Ways Cities Are Upgrading Efficiency

No matter the season, cities are always working towards improving building efficiency and refining overall energy efficiency It's all part of the SMART city initiative - sure, it's not as exciting as green roof gardening or bicycle renting stations, but it's important nonetheless! With current technology enhancing solar panels and reducing the amount of energy…
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