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The Efficient City Manager’s 2017 Bucket List

2018 is just 3 months away Did that scare you? Just trying to get our readers in the Halloween spirit! The year is flying by, and for many city managers, that means the clock is ticking on conferences, projects and deadlines. It's a busy time of the year (when is it not?) but there's always…
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World Economic Forum: Urban Innovations

The World Economic Forum published the "Top 10 Urban Innovations" that details the most sought after aspects of smart cities [caption id="attachment_615" align="aligncenter" width="274"] NY Mag[/caption] City managers are always looking for ways to enhance and advance their cities. Along with implementing a user-friendly, all-in-one software suite like CityForce, these are the most important resolutions…
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A Bright Future: Smart Cities, Smart Lighting

Smart city prospects shine on - Los Angeles, California is taking a step in the direction of smart city innovation by implementing "smart outdoor lighting." The smart lights look like any average street light, but the technology they harbor have huge advantages. Street lights, public parking garages, walking/bike paths and even WiFi platforms are control…
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Embracing Technology: Social Media + CityForce

Technology can be used a bridge that connects you and your community. Through mobile applications, we can reach our citizens in a quick, ultra-timely manner that blasts out a message to a huge following. Important voting instructions, emergency information, tips for staying safe in natural disasters - you name it, social media is the solution…
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ICMA Smart Communities Resources for City Management

The International City/County Management Association (ICMA,) the leading source for city and county managers, reports that citizens value cities that implement smart communities Smart communities are cities and municipalities that welcome the ever-growing advancement of technologies and practice new systems that make life easier for their residents. "Public administrators need to become familiar with the…
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Cities Choosing Digital Platforms With Citizens In Mind

Residents of San Bernardino can now submit their projects to the city from the comfort of their home Yet another city has chosen to go digital and implement an online permitting system. Inland Empire Community News (IECN) reported that San Bernardino has decided to begin using the new system to make it more convenient for…
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Keeping Your City Prepared: Orlando Emergency Management Awarded Grant

Following the devastating effects of hurricane Irma, Orlando's Office of Emergency Management (OEM) has received a $7,000 grant. OEM was awarded the grant by the FY2017 Citizen Corps and Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Program. The grant money will be used towards Orlando CERT teams preparedness exercises and training, which helps keep local communities prepared¬†to…
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Myth Busting: Why Going Digital IS Worth It

If you haven't discussed implementing an upgraded e-permitting system, what are you waiting for? Is it the cost or time to implement the system? Maybe your team isn't sure if it will be as effective as your current process. Read on for our round-up of e-permitting system myths and why you should consider using CityForce:…
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Going Digital With the RIGHT Company

Cities have been implementing digital systems for a few years now And if you keep up with our blog, you know that 2017 is a major year for many cities and municipalities going digital. Choosing to embrace technology and make processes easier for city employees and citizens alike is a step in the right direction,…
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CityForce: THE Digital Permitting System of 2017

As technology advances every day, cities are taking advantage of the opportunities associated with switching from paper processes to digital systems. We've reported frequently on how many cities are pushing for going digital, but just because a city decides to embrace the rapid pace of our digital world doesn't mean it's smooth sailing. In Hawaii…
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