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City Manager’s Thanksgiving To-Do List

'Tis the Season! To be thankful! As Thanksgiving nears, city offices are getting into the holiday spirit. Among your Thanksgiving dinner shopping list, end-of-year budgeting and all the tasks you'll rush to finish, we hope you'll browse our City Manager's Thanksgiving to-do list! It will help you cross items off your list and remind you…
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Smart Cities Utilizing New Technology

If you've been following along with our latest posts, Then you're aware of the emphasis we're putting on #SmartCities. CityForce loves Smart Cities because they're made up of tech-loving, innovative city managers who seek adaptation and progression with the help of new software systems. ICMA, the International City/County Management Association, feels the same. In a…
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Technology Assists Speed Limits & City Management

Pump the breaks Meeting of the Minds reported that In 2016, the U.S. saw a 6% increase in road fatalities. 30-40,000 road deaths occur annually, and 59,374 of the deaths between 2010 and 2015 were completely preventable. It's time for cities to start stepping up safety measures and stepping on the break pedal. According to…
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14 People Involved in Brooklyn Inspection Corruption

NY Daily News reported that property owners were found bribing corrupt city inspectors with money and gifts to speed up development projects. Fourteen people were charged including the two inspectors from the Department of Buildings. The property managers involved bribed inspectors (with earrings, and money to be spent on Mother's Day gifts) to overlook major violations,…
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Safe City Tips, Tricks + Treats for Halloween

Happy Halloween! The CityForce team wants to wish you and your city a safe, fun and fantastic Halloween night! With thousands of kids trick or treating and adults passing out candy or attending Halloween parties, there's a lot of safety risks lurking in the shadows. Check out our list of last minute Halloween tips +…
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Smarter, Cleaner, More Efficient: Solar Panels + CityForce

Let's talk light  Solar light, that is. Solar lights are part of the general #SmartCity initiative that is reducing high energy costs and helping to eliminate the consequences that come from using so much electricity. It's the cleanest, most renewable energy source on earth - so considering installing solar panels isn't a hard decision. Check…
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Stepping Up Sustainability

The temperatures are dropping, leaves are changing and winter is coming But we're still making efforts to go green! The future of your city depends on reducing carbon footprints and living sustainability to ensure that resources aren't depleted. In addition to being crucial, green infrastructures add value to cities and reduce construction costs. Read on…
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Chicago Continues to Progress: New Riverfront District

Many cities can look to Chicago for urban innovation & inspiration The art, shopping and increasingly large number of young professional residents are just a few reasons the city continues to grow. The City of Chicago currently held a meeting to discuss their plans of building a new riverfront development on W. Chicago Avenue. Riverside Investment & Development…
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Cyber Safety: Keeping Your City’s Systems Secure

City managers know the value of cybersecurity. ICMA suggests having an awareness plan to ensure optimum safety and be ready to act on any threats or attacks. Browse our list of tips to ensure that your systems are running securely and invulnerably: Trustworthy Systems Only work with databases that you trust, like CityForce. CityForce is…
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Benefits of Working With Mobile Devices

Imagine coming to work 10 years ago attached to your cell phone Can you imagine your boss' reaction? You'd probably be called into their office or warned a few times before finally getting the boot! The notion of constantly being connected to mobile devices is still relatively new, but everyone from elementary school children to…
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