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Smarter, Cleaner, More Efficient: Solar Panels + CityForce

Let's talk light

 Solar light, that is. Solar lights are part of the general #SmartCity initiative that is reducing high energy costs and helping to eliminate the consequences that come from using so much electricity. It's the cleanest, most renewable energy source on earth - so considering installing solar panels isn't a hard decision. Check out some of these fast facts from Solar Power Authority below:


A Bright Idea: Solar Facts

  1. Coal plants are the largest producers of carbon emissions, which contribute to global warming. Oil hurts the planet too. Each year in America alone, over one million gallons of petroleum spill into waterways, oceans, and groundwater. That’s why solar power is so important—it can reduce pollution and harm to the environment.
  2. The cost of solar panels has dropped by 80% since 2008, and it is expected to keep falling.
  3. Solar power itself is a free source of energy. Once you’ve installed photovoltaic (PV) panels on your home, maintenance is minimal and returns are high.
  4. When you buy solar panels, you’re eligible for a 30% tax break from the federal government—you could get thousands of dollars back on your taxes and offset the initial cost.
  5. In 2016, there was one new solar panel installation every 84 seconds.
  6. Las Vegas, Nevada is the biggest city in the country to operate on 100% renewable resources.
  7. Arizona and California are the sunniest states in America. No wonder they’re also leading producers and consumers of solar energy.
Source: Solar Power Authority

150 Mayors across the United States are currently working towards a 100% clean energy initiative! 33 states are involved in the endorsement. Mayor McFarlane of Raleigh, North Carolina, said:

 “Cities must continue to take a leadership role in shaping a 21st-century clean energy economy if we're going to keep our economies strong and our communities healthy.”

Read more on the #ReadyFor100 initiative here.  150Residents want to live in cities who care about clean energy. Along with being efficient with resources and focusing on sustainability, smart cities are also concerned with enhancing livability, and workability. In addition to implementing resource-renewing solar panels, cities should look into CityForce. CityForce is an innovative all-in-one software suite that assists city managers in every aspect of their jobs. You can't close yourself - this is the next best option! Along with overseeing payments and complaints, CityForce is one convenient tool for scheduling and overseeing inspections as well as housing a citizen portal. See all of CityForce's products and benefits here.

Ready to start working toward a cleaner, smarter and more efficient city? Take the first step - contact us today.


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