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Benefits of Working With Mobile Devices

Imagine coming to work 10 years ago attached to your cell phone


Can you imagine your boss' reaction? You'd probably be called into their office or warned a few times before finally getting the boot! The notion of constantly being connected to mobile devices is still relatively new, but everyone from elementary school children to experienced CEOs are benefitting from the increased efficiency that comes with toting around their mobile devices. There are many cases against allowing employees to work on their own mobile devices, the reason being management issues. When working on your own device, it's easy to migrate towards your text messages and social media pages, or even (our favorite) revisiting that adorable photo of your dog that you snapped before leaving for work. But the pros of having a mobile device on hand greatly outweigh the risks of losing 5-10 minutes to other tasks. See our list of reasons below:


The solution to working on the go? Inventing the laptop. But even now, there's a smaller, lighter and easier version: the tablet. Accessibility is key when considering the usage of personal devices because in such a tech-savvy economy, we're all about getting work done and multitasking. Being able to tote around an iPad or tablet allows your employees to go the extra mile by checking an item off their to-do list on their daily commute, as they stop by the coffee shop or if they forgot to do something and remembered after work hours.

Quick + Easy Communication

This is incredibly important with social media. The world continues to spin after hours, events unfold and disasters occur and as city managers, we need to be able to connect with our residents at any time. Having the ability to spread information to the masses via social media could save lives! We can't do that from our work desktop, so having those apps on your mobile device is key.


Using CityForce and Similar Databases

CityForce is the leading software suite for city managers because it offers 3 products (CONNECT, INSPECT & IMPACT) that assist with a large variety of your daily tasks. One of the best benefits of implementing CityForce is the fact that you can access your materials 24/7. Again - this can't exactly happen from your office. Inspectors can use CityForce to complete quick and thorough inspections and you can use INSPECT to schedule them. You can access a history of inspections, set reminders and take photos during inspections. IMPACT allows you to track and monitor applications, permits and transactions all from one place. CONNECT is a one-stop-shop for citizens to interact with, featuring an online pay portal and permit statuses. As requests are uploaded or payments are processed, you can stay on top of those by checking frequently from the comfort of wherever you are!

Mobile Devices are key to working in this world.

Invest in getting your office connected and implementing CityForce to optimize your city! Contact us today.

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