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City Manager’s Thanksgiving To-Do List

'Tis the Season!

To be thankful! As Thanksgiving nears, city offices are getting into the holiday spirit. Among your Thanksgiving dinner shopping list, end-of-year budgeting and all the tasks you'll rush to finish, we hope you'll browse our City Manager's Thanksgiving to-do list! It will help you cross items off your list and remind you what this holiday season is all about.

A Clerical Work Audit

How much time are you putting into clerical workload and support time? It's important, but it can be time consuming. Every minute spent on paperwork is one minute that isn't spent in the field. Take a day or two to truly measure the time that goes into your clerical work and decide if you should consider switching up your processes.

Review Contractors + Inspections

Are all of your contractors licenses/credentials up-to-date? We've seen numerous news articles on contractors working illegally after failing to renew their licenses - so take this time to go through and check as well as determine if your current scheduling/inspection services are up to par.

A Budget/Payment Summary

The end of the year is near - so make sure any outstanding online payments are reviewed and paid ASAP. Find yourself constantly running around, making phone calls and having to track payment deadlines? A new payment system might be necessary.

Consider Implementing CityForce

Sensing a theme here? CityForce can quickly resolve all of the problems listed above. If you're finding yourself losing time to reworks or clerical work, checking, scheduling and monitoring inspections and keeping track of payments - CityForce is your answer! We're the all-in-one software suite that includes INSPECT (for scheduling and monitoring inspections) IMPACT (for all things parcels, contractors and transactions) and CONNECT (our online payment portal for citizens.) CityForce can free up 8-10 hours a week just by helping you with the tedious tasks that take up most of your day. Contact us, we'll give you a quick overview and a price quote as well as help you choose which parts of CityForce will help you optimize your city!

Giving Back

Your office is probably already involved in holiday donations, but consider giving to a new foundation or cause - like your local animal shelter. Giving gifts and donating food is always welcomed, but ask your employees to donate their time as well by volunteering for a local foundation. Browse opportunities in your area with Volunteer Match!

Thank Your CoWorkers

This season is hectic, but you can always spare a few moments to thank your fellow coworkers and make your team feel appreciated. You can't go wrong with bringing in a special holiday treat or simply taking two minutes to thank each individual for all their hard work.


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