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World Economic Forum: Urban Innovations

The World Economic Forum published the "Top 10 Urban Innovations" that details the most sought after aspects of smart cities

NY Mag

NY Mag

City managers are always looking for ways to enhance and advance their cities. Along with implementing a user-friendly, all-in-one software suite like CityForce, these are the most important resolutions for cities to consider:

1) Re-Programmable Space

Cities are repurposing their current space to expand the possibilities of events. New York has repurposed asphalt to open the city space up and produce larger footpaths. Melbourne, Australia has used deserted spaces to build residential buildings and railroads.

2) Waternet Pipes

Smart water management uses sensors and techniques that can help scientists analyze bacteria and monitor health policies while reducing the freshwater demand.

3) Adopt A Tree

Just like your favorite elementary school activity - cities are using the "Adopt A Tree" program to plant over 70,000 trees and monitor carbon offset and other data.

 4) Next Generation Mobility

Pedaling is surging across the United States! Reducing pollution and enhancing the health of residents are just two benefits to going green with expanded bike routes and access.

5) Co-Heating/Co-Cooling

"Cogeneration" is the idea of using the heat from mechanical systems, capturing it and using the excess heat to power other devices - improving energy efficiency. Progressive cities are all about multitasking!

6) Spare Capacity

Carpooling and the ever-popular Air BnB/space sharing capabilities are trending throughout the U.S. It's a great way for residents to feel like they're doing their part to be more efficient.

7) Mobility On-Demand

Uber, Lyft, self driving cars, oh my! Using real-time reporting, many cities are reducing traffic by implementing these services that help residents get around the city quicker and easier.

8) Cable Car Integration

Suspended cable car systems are surprisingly getting noticed! First witnessed in Medellin, Columbia in 1992, this system has helped the city ecologically and with space/transportation.

9) Smart Lights

As we discussed in our last post, smart lights and platforms are allowing cities to reduce energy costs while increasing connection.

10) Urban Farming

Bringing farms to city rooftops and using solar panel systems is huge right now. By repurposing these spaces and growing more vegetables, cities are yielding much more produce without wasting space.

What are your favorite innovative ideas? Comment below!

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