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7 Ways Cities Are Upgrading Efficiency

No matter the season, cities are always working towards improving building efficiency and refining overall energy efficiency

It's all part of the SMART city initiative - sure, it's not as exciting as green roof gardening or bicycle renting stations, but it's important nonetheless! With current technology enhancing solar panels and reducing the amount of energy needed to heat and light buildings, cities are progressing towards sustaining growth. There are many other ways to implement maximum efficiency - read our tips below:



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Using local utilities, cities can gain more access to energy usage data and make smarter choices regarding energy efficiency.


Dealing with an economic issue? Cities can handle expensive costs with grants, loans, tax incentives and bonds.


Cities can brainstorm and set goals to abide by regarding energy-reduction objectives.

Building Codes

Setting a new standard for minimum level energy efficiency for all new buildings will be the start of a new, efficient era. These requirements would allow building owners to save long term, and should cover operation and design information.


Measure efficiency by performing audits on your cities' buildings energy performance. Create plans of action to focus on those that are lacking efficiency.

Engaging Everyone

Energy initiatives involve multiple facets. Initiate action among building owners, management and tenants with engaging strategies like awards and competitions.

City leaders can use these tips to boost efficiency and ultimately reduce energy costs. Interested in optimizing your city ASAP? Contact us at CityForce - we'll give you a price quote and overview on how our all-in-one software suite can help your office get a head start.


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