Several years ago I was a permit technician in the building department for Ashtabula County.  At that time the building official and I researched several different permitting software programs, conducted site visits of jurisdictions to gather input from employees who actually were hands on with the programs and decided upon CityForce.  The program is user friendly, a terrific historical database using the permanent parcel number of the properties as a starting point for each permit/complaint entered and the support team is AWESOME!  CityForce communicated direct with the county IT department to obtain the file data for the parcels.  The ability to use iPads in the field for inspections and photos is great, the fact that you are able to sync and the office can see the status helped to eliminate he said/she said with calls to the office staff.


I changed employers in Sept 2017 and before the end of the year the township approved CityForce for the zoning department.  Good luck in your search…my vote for is definitely for CityForce!  😊

Zoning Official,