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5 Ways to Run Inspections More Efficiently

You play a major role in how efficiently your city runs.

With your tools and expertise, the citizens of your community feel safe, healthy and secure. Your city is devoted to protecting neighborhoods, ensuring safety and guaranteeing integrity of the buildings put up around town. We know you have a LOT of daily responsibilities, like registering building contractors issuing permits, scheduling and enforcing codes. Did you know that you could handle these tasks in a more productive and cost-efficient manner? We'll show you how CityForce can help:

Manage Permits

We know permits are required for various projects, including remodeling, replacements, additions and implementing new resources. Whether a new business is requesting a sanitary sewer permit or a restaurant just installed a permanent electric service, all of those paper materials are necessary to continue the opening processes. With CityForce, you have all of those materials in one organized place. Locate specified checklists with ease.

Schedule Inspections

Do you know how much time is spent having your inspectors locate the necessary paperwork in the office? Every day, countless minutes are wasted flipping through files and attempting to handle mass amounts of paperwork. CityForce eliminates the hassle and gives you access to assigning inspections right from your smart phone. You can communicate with your inspectors and easily give them all the details they need just by using the app - all that time spent in the office is now added time spent working (and ensuring safety) in the field.


Manage Contractors

With our contractor page, every detail you could possibly need is provided. A clear page allows you to see which contractors are available, what their specialities include, their addresses and contact information. Contractors can attach their permits, registrations and fees all in the specified widget. As the main user, you can compare the contractors and decide which you'd like to use as well as schedule their inspections while alerting them of an upcoming job.

Supervise Payments

A favorite customer feature is the ability to easily view, track and handle online payments. With our CONNECT portal, users an see the amount due, the due date, how many days they have to make the payment and you can even submit a payment - all from the same place. You can trade your cluttered post-it notes in for helpful notifications, as this software takes the hassle out of manually tracking your payments and overdue charges.


Create Custom Reports

Gone are the days of inputting data manually through excel or wasting time copying over information from paperwork to online platform. CityForce does the redundant stuff for you, in a matter of seconds! You can transfer all necessary information to custom reports that are easily saved for your records or shared with anyone who needs access to them.


These are just a few of the many benefits that help your inspections run more efficiently - watch our TUTORIALS for an overview, or sign up for a LIVE DEMO with one of our team members. Save time and money while only losing the hassle and inconvenience of manually completing these tasks.

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