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The Costs & Rewards of Implementing CityForce

Implementing new software or management processes can be intimidating. Change, in any aspect of life, is often daunting. When faced with the option of managing your city more efficiently with new software, you must decide if the rewards outweigh the risks. Many clients' main concerns include:


If the technology is going to save time and money, that's the first indicator that said software could be beneficial to your city. In our last blog post, we discussed how CityForce can save up to 8-10 hours of time per week! This is by reducing clerical workload and inspector field time, in addition to reducing reworks caused by errors. If saving time on all levels of city management isn't enough to persuade you to try CityForce, check out these numbers on why it's convenient and cost efficient:

CityForce typically costs less than 1% of your annual budget

Yes - seriously! So while we're assisting with managing, scheduling and generating custom reports, we're doing it all for a price that you can feel comfortable with.

The payoff is immediate

Aside from a Dairy Queen Blizzard®, what other goods and services can you say have an immediate payoff? The moment your purchase and implement CityForce is the exact moment we start working to make your job easier and your city much more efficient.

Some cities subscribe to CityForce for less than $5 per day

That's less than a box of your employees' favorite K-cups, or your office's weekly dozen donuts! Scheduling, reporting and integration across all devices? It doesn't get much better than that.


CityForce is designed to save you money.
It's also going to save you:

  • 30% support time

  • 15% inspector field time

  • 50% reduction in time spent on reworks

With so many benefits and a team of experts assisting your employees every step of the way, the rewards greatly outweigh the risks of implementing CityForce. If you're ready to save a lot of time and spend a little of your annual budget, click HERE to request a customized price quote, or request a live demo HERE so that we can show you exactly how CityForce will benefit your city.

Cost efficient, convenient & ready to help your city

start using CityForce today!

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